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Harnessing Molecular Integrity for Early Informed Decision Making

Our Company:
Your Mass Spec Outsourcing Partner

LiVeritas Biosciences, Inc. accelerates and streamlines integrated mass spec (MS) analysis of drug candidates by machine learning. We are dedicated to empowering biopharmaceutical companies to meet urgent pre-clinical to clinical biologics drug development timelines for new therapeutics targeting human diseases.

We offer state-of-the-art LC-MS instrumentation and a broad suite of mass spectrometric solutions to assist our clients with their project needs.

Centrally located in the South San Francisco Biotech Hub, our team of PhD scientists provides in-depth biopharma industry knowledge, high-quality, and highly reproducible data within less than three weeks of turn around.

Our Commitment: Your Benefits

Centrally located in the South San Francisco Biotech Hub, we are equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory and LC-MS instrumentation and offer tailored LC-MS services to best address your project needs. Our team provides in-depth biopharma industry knowledge to deliver high-quality and highly reproducible data in less than three weeks of turnaround time.


Direct experience with DS/DP critical quality attributes

 Tailored Service

Deliverables tailored to address project needs

 State-of-the-Art Lab and Instruments

High throughput, high-quality, and highly reproducible data

 Turn-around Times

Guaranteed timelines of < 3 weeks
Accelerated package of < 1 week

Our Solution: Mass Spectrometry as a Service

Our solution is called Mass Spec-as-a-Service (MSaaS), which offers a streamlined LC-MS workflow from start to finish in less than 3 weeks. MSaaS starts with meetings to discuss your project needs and set objectives, followed by submission of samples. We will carefully screen to apply an optimal analytical method for your samples. Data is acquired using ultra-high resolution LC-MS instrument, and processed data is well inspected and interpreted utilizing our Biopharma and LC-MS knowledge, as well as proprietary tools. Your results report is delivered in a timely manner, which provides in-depth information in characterization, identification, and characterization of your drug candidates.

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Phase Appropriate Project Objectives

Client-expert consultations

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Analytical Method Screening & Development

Sample Preparation
System Suitability and LC-MS Analysis

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Data Processing & Interpretation

Inspection of Chromatograms & Mass Spectra
Deconvolution in DA Software

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Results Reporting & Presentation

LC-MS Chromatograms and MS Spectra
Quantitation and Profiling
Proposed Identifications

Our Capabilities: Mass Spec Characterization to cGMP Quality Testing

Our capabilities include project areas in antibody derived drug candidates, ADCs, gene and cell therapy, and analytical development strategy for your drug candidates that is aligned with your CMC strategy.

Analytical Strategy
Analytical Strategy

  • Integrated MS Characterization to QC Lot Release Testing
  • Aligned with CMC Strategy
  • Phase Appropriate
  • Fast Response and Accelerated Process


  • Bispecific Antibodies
  • Antibody Drug Conjugates
  • Antibody-derived drugs
  • Novel Proteins
  • Small Molecules
  • Gene & Cell Therapy
  • Oligonucleotides


  • Molecular Assessment
  • Forced Degradation
  • Sequence Variant Analysis
  • Reference Standard Characterization
  • IND Filing
  • Method Development
  • Pre-Validation
  • Drug Design, Bioanalysis

MS Workflows
MS Workflows

  • Intact Mass Analysis
  • Peptide Map Analysis
  • Small Molecule Structural Elucidation
  • Large Molecule Quantitation
  • Small Molecule Quantitation
  • Glycan Analysis
  • Host Cell Protein Analysis

cGMP Capabilities
cGMP Capabilities

  • Appearance, pH, Osmolality, Protein Conc.
  • Peptide Map LC-UV-MS
  • Antigen Binding by ELISA
  • Residual CHO Protein, CHO DNA, Protein A
  • Method Qualification and Validation


LiVeritas is proud to be the trusted outsourcing partner who offers transformative strategic MS analysis and solutions for advancement of their clients' Next Gen Biotherapeutics.

"LiVeritas is better fit scientifically to us compared to the two other Mass Spec CROs we are working with right now."

Senior Director of Protein Science of a Series B Biotech Startup

"LiVeritas is a life-saver!"

CFO of a Series A Biotech Startup

"LiVeritas is an angel. We've been looking for an MS outsourcing partner with your offerings."

Head of CMC Analytical of a Biotech Company with FDA-Approved Products

"LiVeritas's methods are very clever."

Director of a Biopharma Manufacturing Company

"LiVeritas has very impressive quality data for Intact Mass analysis."

Director of a Biopharma Manufacturing Company

"We are impressed with LiVeritas’s MS capabilities and flexibility to perform analyses under short turnaround times."